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Really enjoying your podcast since stumbling upon it in early Winter, Hillarie. Thanks for these little gems of insight and wisdom, as I've taken the past year to reroot/re-wild/grieve in my own freedom journey.

This episode's conversation reminds me of a one woman stage play called 'Tubman' by a teaching artist I used to work with named Lacresha Berry who reimagines Harriet Tubman's life as a young high school girl in Harlem. It's always soul nourishing to see how we as Black women continue to be inspired and fueled by her life story and abolitionist work, especially as we continue to find spaces for rest, safety, and care. <3 Here's an online adapted version I found on youtube of the play, if interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ttSupMMFXs

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Her knowledge of nature and the land— I never knew that about Harriet Tubman! That is amazing and beautiful.

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Another thoughtful and rich publication. Thank you for this, Hillarie and for creating space for me to share a bit of my story!

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