The outside will guide you inward.

BGCL explores nature as a way to connect to ourselves, community, and the living world.

Each month we dive into a new theme with stories and interviews that center the perspectives and experiences of people of color. 

What can you expect from BGCL?

  • A monthly magazine on a new theme related to nature (1st Monday of the month)

  • A monthly podcast that dives deep into the magazine stories to bring them to life (3rd Monday of the month)

Get to know nature in new ways and see yourself reflected in the world around you.

About Me

I am a writer, creator and a forever curious person. A few things that inform my writing:

  • Spent a decade designing learning programs for the biggest companies in the world.

  • Ditched the city for slow living in the country.

  • Fell in love with nature.

  • Found myself in the process. 

Writing is a way for me to connect ideas in new and interesting ways. It helps me make sense of this wild world and move into new ways of being.

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The outside will guide you inward. Let's rewild.


Hillarie Maddox

Writer. Creator. Thinker. Ditched the city for the slow life. Fell in love with nature. Found myself in the process.