The outside will guide you inward.

BGCL explores the ways we rewild by finding connection to ourselves, community, and the living world.

What can you expect from BGCL?

  • Stories about my journey leaving the city for life in the country, deciding to unschool my kids, and learning to homestead.

  • Interviews with friends, family, neighbors, and others who are taking braves steps to rewild their lives.

About Me

I am a writer, creator and a forever curious person. A few things that inform my writing:

  • I was born and raised in South Dakota. I am the granddaughter of homesteaders and descendant of enslaved people, so tending the Earth is in by bones.

  • I have deep expertise in adult learning after over a decade of designing executive learning programs for the biggest companies in the world.

  • I decided to unschool my kids after moving to a small community and realizing that our future is depended on different ways of thinking that support the Earth.

  • I earned my BS in Social Work but quickly left the field after counseling in-patient youth at the state hospital. I later got my MS in organizational development.

  • I am mixed race (Black and white) and have fought hard to embrace the nuances of what it means to embody the pain and potential of both lineages.

  • I love philosophy and exploring big ideas (Sagittarius sun) and am a deep deep feeler of life (Cancer moon and rising).

Writing is a way for me to connect ideas in new and interesting ways. It helps me make sense of this wild world and move into new ways of being.

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Coming home to ourselves, community, and the land. Let's rewild!


Ditched the city for the slow life. Fell in love with nature. Found myself in the process. Let’s rewild!